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M. Alief Akbar, 5 years old (Student, Math)

Kumon has helped me pursue my potential

Besides the academic skills gained from the Kumon Math Program, I have become more disciplined and developed logical thinking skills.

I joined Kumon about eight years ago, when I was in kindergarten. Although I have been learning with Kumon for quite some time, I have never felt bored. I think Kumon is fun! Moreover, as I have learnt materials that have not been taught at school, I feel that studying at school became easier since it is only reviewing what I have already learnt in Kumon.

To be able to learn higher level materials that have not been taught at school, I have to be disciplined. I always attend classes at the Kumon Center and do my Kumon homework daily. Although the materials I encounter have not been taught at school, in Kumon I have been trained to learn by myself. I always study the examples thoroughly and read the problems carefully so that I can understand and be able to complete the worksheets. When I have trouble solving a problem, the Instructor will provide hints or some explanation. This method of learning makes me more independent and determined!

Sometimes the types of problems taught in school are different from what I have been studying in Kumon. But this is not a problem for me since Kumon has helped me build a strong foundation in Math. Besides being able to count fast, my logical thinking skills have also been sharpened. These skills are very useful to me.

Currently I am studying level L, which covers high school materials. I want to finish all Kumon materials by next year. I will finish what I have started!

Gamaliel Christiansen (Gammy), 4 years old (Student, Math)

Independent because of Kumon

Solving problems with my own ability brings a joyous feeling! I am ready to challenge myself with more difficult problems.

I started my Kumon journey when I was still in kindergarten. I felt very happy because Kumon helped me to solve number exercises easily. Currently I am a Primary 2 student doing fractions and decimals, which are Primary 6 materials. Sometimes I feel that my worksheets have become more difficult than before. But whenever I encounter difficulty, my Instructor and mother are always there to provide me with support and motivation.

I have learnt to work hard at solving the problems by myself. I choose to think on my own rather than ask the assistants in the Center because when I can find the answer by myself, I feel happy and want to write it down immediately. Difficult materials challenge me to become more proficient and hardworking.

What I have learnt in Kumon really helps with my studies at school. I can now understand school Math problems easily and solve them faster. My Math grades have also improved tremendously. The habit of doing daily Kumon homework has made me more disciplined in doing school work. Moreover, I have overcome my shyness and now I am not ashamed to express my opinions in front of others.

Risha Vania, 4 years old (Student, Math/EFL)

Being More Confident

Studying in Kumon is fun because school work became easier and I am now more independent in doing my daily activities.

Before joining Kumon, I was a quiet girl and had no confidence. I enrolled in Kumon English (EFL) when I was about 4 years old. After studying for 2 years, I feel I have benefitted from it; I now feel that school work has become easier because I have studied more advanced materials in Kumon compared to those in school. My English pronunciation has also improved, which makes me more confident when speaking.

Currently I am studying materials relating to sentence structure which consists of subject, verb, object, complement and modifier. I do not feel that the worksheets are difficult because I always complete the assigned homework daily and go to the Kumon Center happily. Studying in Kumon is fun because it has had positive effects on my life: it helps me to be successful in school and made me more independent in carrying out my daily activities.

I want to finish all Kumon English materials so that one day my dream to become a teacher can come true.

Alleta Bagerak Ebat, 6 years old (Student, Math)

Kumon is my Spirit

The Kumon Method has helped me develop the values of self-learning, discipline and a sense of responsibility.

My mother enrolled me in Kumon when I was 4 years old. I feel happy learning with Kumon because I like Math. I always attend Kumon classes, even when I feel tired or unwell. By doing Kumon homework, my study habits have improved. I always feel happy doing Kumon worksheets as I find them very fun and challenging.

I faced some difficulties when learning vertical addition and calculating carried-over numbers. But I kept trying without giving up and eventually completed the worksheet. I am now very eager to learn new Math concepts and topics. For me, Kumon has been very helpful when I learn Math in school.

Kumon has given me confidence to reach for my dreams. This sense of confidence is very important no matter what activity I may be doing. My Instructor and my mother also motivate me to work towards my dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up.

Nisa, 6 years old (Student, Math/English)

Success is a Journey

Kumon taught me about discipline, working thoroughly and staying focused.

I joined Kumon when I was very young. Now, I am in the third grade of my high school, and I have already completed 3 subjects in Kumon. Of course, it has not been easy since I have had to manage my time very well. I put Kumon as a priority before doing other activities. As my sister is also learning with Kumon, we always motivate each other.

Learning with Kumon is not always easy, my motivation level fluctuates sometimes but Kumon has taught me to never give up in any challenge. Even when all my friends have given up after attempting a difficult task, I will keep on trying in order to overcome the challenge. My quote is “Finish what you have started”.

I like Kumon’s worksheets as they are designed with the right level of difficulty to get children to solve the problems by themselves. Kumon has developed in me the values of self-learning, discipline, confidence and the spirit to never give up. Thanks to Kumon, I have the confidence to achieve my dreams.