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Kumon’s Goal

Making a Contribution to the Global Community
through Individualized Education

Ever since its establishment, Kumon has consistently aimed to help students develop a firm foundation of academic ability and become people who are capable of learning on their own. Kumon Instructors have a strong belief in the potential of each and every student they encounter. Kumon maximizes students’ ability, discovers the “just-right” level of study for each student and provides students with optimum learning materials. The Kumon Method, which was originally developed by a father for his son, is now available in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

The Kumon Method transcends national borders and cultural barriers and has been accepted all around the world. This widespread acceptance is the direct result of Kumon’s belief in the limitless potential of all human beings, and our pursuit of that potential through the systematic implementation of individualized education. Every parent or guardian believes in the potential of their child and has great dreams for his or her future. The Kumon Method does much more than simply help students develop solid academic ability. It also provides students with the joyful experience of encountering new material and making progress on their own. The goal of study with the Kumon Method is the development of independent and proactive individuals who know how to learn independently. When our students grow up and go out into the world, they will be fully capable of finding their own way in life. Two things are necessary for this result. One is the Kumon Instructor who discovers what is “just right” for each student. The other is the Kumon learning materials that are composed of a finely graduated series of steps designed to encourage students to progress on their own initiative. This combination of the Kumon Instructor and our learning materials makes it possible to provide individualized study that is “just right” for each student. All students, regardless of age or school grade level, can enhance their ability with Kumon. Education with the Kumon Method supports the personal and academic growth of students in line with the hopes of parents and guardians. By consistently delivering concrete results, people can see for themselves how we at Kumon bring out the potential in each of our students, which is why the Kumon Method has been so well accepted worldwide.

Kumon’s theory and practice of individualized learning and study at the “just-right” level do not apply only to children. Today, the Kumon Method is benefitting students of all generations, from infants all the way up through senior citizens. As the world becomes more diversified, an increasing number of people are calling for a greater emphasis on the individual in education. The Kumon Method is based on long years of implementing individualized education. That is the reason why expectations for the Kumon Method are growing around the globe. We at Kumon intend to continue to meet these expectations by focusing our efforts on each one of our students. Furthermore, we will continue to refine the Kumon Method by closely observing our students and learning from them. In this way, we believe we can better enable our students to reach their full potential and thus make a greater contribution to society.

In our increasingly globalized and diversified world, the fostering of competent human resources is becoming more and more important. Today, there is a tremendous demand for quality education. All of us at Kumon feel a deep responsibility and sense of mission as we strive to make a contribution to the global community, and ultimately to world peace, through individualized education.