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Enrolment FAQ

Q: What is the advantage of Kumon compared to other courses?

In Kumon, the materials are given according to the ability of the children, not according to their school grades or age.

Kumon is not based on classroom style learning unlike other courses in general. In Kumon, every child is given individual study plan and instructions according to the ability of each child. By doing so, the child’s ability will develop to the maximum. Moreover, Kumon uses study materials that have been developed systematically and children can progress in small steps. These characteristics of the Kumon Method nurture good basic abilities and enable children to study advanced materials

Q: Who can study with Kumon?

There is no age limitation in Kumon. However it is recommended to contact the Instructor of a Center convenient for you whether the Center can accept small children or infants.

In Kumon, children start with their own “just right” level, the level at which they can progress on their own. With the aim of developing self-learning ability, the Kumon Program enables each child to progress at his or her own pace. For children who are three-years old and below, please contact the Instructor of the Center convenient for you.

Q: Isn’t it too early for preschoolers to join Kumon?

Learning from a young age is very important to develop children’s ability and it is very effective to foster good study habits.

In Kumon preschoolers can study the “just right” level of materials in accordance with their interest and motivation. Their potential can develop far beyond adults’ imagination. In Kumon Mathematics Program, the material starts from introduction of the number concept, which can be given to children who cannot even hold a pencil.

Q: Is it too late for junior or senior high school students to join Kumon?

With the individual study method, Kumon is very effective to develop the ability of each individual, regardless of age or school grade.

Starting Kumon in an early age is considered more effective because good study habits are easier to cultivate in younger children. However, since Kumon is an individualized study method, it is effective to develop the ability of each individual, regardless of age or school grade. In other words, it is never too late to start Kumon. Currently, there are quite a number of students who start their Kumon journey after entering junior or senior high school and they can still get the benefits.

Q: How long does a child have to study with Kumon to get the benefits?

In Kumon children study materials according to their individual ability and progress at their own pace. Since each child is different, the length of time to get the benefit may vary.

By studying every day, children will reach materials equal to their school grade level in about six months to one year and after that they will be able to progress to a level above their school grade. After children have progressed studying above their school grade level they will feel that they have better academic results and self-learning ability.

Q: Are the materials covered in Kumon different from what has been taught in school?

The aim of Kumon Math Program is to develop strong mental calculation skills so that children can self-learn high school mathematics.

Kumon covers only the important materials that are needed to self-learn high school mathematics. That’s why our curriculum is more effective than the school curriculum in general. However, the ways to solve problems are in line with what have been taught in school.

Q: Is Kumon helpful to improve school performance?

Aside from the academic abilities that students develop through Kumon, they also acquire qualities such as independence, discipline, confidence and good learning habits. This balanced combination of academic and life skills lead to improved performance in school.

The Kumon Method is an individualized study method that encourages self-learning. By studying at their “just right” level, children are able to advance beyond their school grade level on their own without being taught. When students have the ability to self-learn the contents that they have not yet learnt at school, they will have extra capacity to improve their school grade and enjoy their school life to the fullest.

Q: Why do new students start with easy level materials?

Starting with easy level materials helps to ensure smooth study progress. This also enables students to focus on developing good study habits and build confidence early in the program.

Normally, students will start with easy level materials where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own. By starting with easy level materials, students progress smoothly in the program, develop good study habits and build self-confidence early on.

Q: How can parents support their children’s Kumon study?

The progress of the children depends on the teamwork of the three parties: student, Instructor and parents.

Besides being disciplined in doing daily Kumon worksheets, parental support is highly needed for the smooth progress of the child’s study. This could involve setting a consistent daily study time, giving praises & support to motivate the children and working hand in hand with the Instructor.