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Becoming A Kumon Franchise Instructor

Your career is about to change,
one child at a time.

As a franchisee, you also become a Kumon Instructor so you can contribute to the success of your students. Our Kumon Instructors are highly involved in shaping the learning journey of our students, helping them to discover their true learning potential.

Besides being passionate about the education of your students, you should also meet the following criteria:

• Tertiary educated
• Experience working with children

Review all information on becoming a Kumon Franchise Instructor

• Thoroughly read the information contained in this page
• Register to receive information on starting a Kumon Franchise
• Local office will contact you with more information and send an invitation to attend a Franchise Orientation

Application and Testing

Prior to attending the Kumon Franchise Orientation, we will invite you to complete the application form, and sit for proficiency tests. You will be required to fill up an application form and may be asked to submit some documents. Details will be communicated to you by the local office.

Attend a Kumon Franchise Orientation

During our Kumon Franchise Orientation, we will thoroughly explain Kumon’s vision, mission, values, the role of a Franchise Instructor, and the infrastructure that underpins the successful operations of a Kumon Centre.

Interviews and Final Selection

Successful candidates will be contacted to participate in the interview process. The interviews will allow us to determine your suitability as a Kumon Franchise Instructor, and it will also allow you to clarify any further questions. Depending on local operating procedures, you may be required to attend more than one interview. Some local regulations may also require you to undergo mandatory screening checks.

Final Selection

Candidates who meet all criteria up to this stage will be asked to undertake mandatory screening checks to determine their suitability to work with children, as required by local regulations.

New Instructor Training

If your application is successful, you will attend the New Instructor Training to confirm suitability.

Franchise Agreement

Once you have successfully completed the training, we will invite you to sign a Franchise Agreement. You will then be ready to open your own Kumon Centre.

Franchise Information

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