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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Instructor Anna, from Singapore

“I currently have a student who started doing maths at four years old without even knowing how to write or count beyond 10. Within two years, he began studying material that is typically five years beyond his age. For me it is wonderful how Kumon can cater to the needs of each child.”

Instructor Parul Sinha, from India

“My students have a good time doing the worksheets even though it is tough. That made me realise the importance of giving the child the opportunity to self-learn. When they can take ownership of their own work, that is when Kumon will be the most effective.”

Instructor Ibu Eka Meilia Hartuti, from Indonesia

Children learn at the right level if they practice according to their abilities. As a supervisor, I try to explore the potential of students by observing the attitude of students learning in class, making observations when students work on worksheets plus information obtained when communicating with parents.” By observing student learning attitudes in the classroom, I can see enthusiasm, concentration, patience and perseverance in dealing with new problems. When I see students work on Class Work, I know the abilities that have been formed such as work agility, mental calculation and so forth. Children who learn at the right level will learn happily, enthusiastically, passionately, and are motivated to advance even to levels that are far higher than the class level.

Instructor Ibu Arini Wahyu Erna S., from Indonesia

Will my child be left when doing worksheet? Why not just be taught ? How can my child understand if not taught? And a variety of similar questions are often asked by parents to me. I say that children will be able to quickly master the material when they try to think independently without being taught. Kumon believes that children can understand questions without being taught. Independent learning forms a strong logic, allowing children to be able to study by examples of questions and instructions carefully until they can learn and go beyond the school grade level. In other words, independent learning is an important capital so that the potential of children can be explored maximally. Forming the ability to learn independently in class, I started from forming attitudes at the beginning of Kumon, from practicing class flow, sitting attitude and correct learning methods. I have target for children to be able to start independently on the 3rd class day. Next, I train them to think independently when they enter new material by giving them the opportunity to find their concepts with their own abilities so that children feel the achievement ‘Yes, I can!’ . I never forget to give a lot of praise for the child’s efforts so that their more confident to learn independently.

Instructor Ibu Dina Widjaja, from Kumon Indonesia

The repetition system is one of the many features of the Kumon Method which in my opinion is the most special, because every children is unique. So that the learning program is adjusted to the abilities of each child. Giving repetition individually will be very good, because the learning material is also interrelated. So that it is necessary to consider the learning program well so that the smoothness and independence of learning is maintained. In giving repetition it is important to consider student observations in class and parental character. When the Parents Meeting (PM), I explored a lot of information about the character and condition of parents and their children. In addition, in the occasion of Feedback Day and PM, it is necessary to educate parents about repetition. And when in class, both Instructor and assistants must give a positive impression to the child, when given a repetition.

Instructor Suzie, from Australia

“Seeing my first Kumon Maths Completer persist through the challenging final levels by herself made me realise how wonderful the self-learning aspect of Kumon really is. She is now a specialist doctor working in hospitals around Australia, and she has also inspired me to be a better instructor.”